If you found yourself on this page, it is likely in response to a message from me asking you to check out my pedigree chart to see if we can figure out how were are related. My goal is to map my chromosomes and I am doing this using a tool called DNAPainter. 

Why? If we know how we are related, I can use where we match to map more of my chromosomes. If we don't know how we are related, but you match on a certain part of my chromosome that is mapped, then I can help you focus your research on an ancestral couple and maybe help you break through a genealogy brick wall.

If you are on Ancestry, please consider uploading your results to GedMatch or to FamilyTreeDNA. Ancestry does not provide the level of detail required to map matches, but you can do this by uploading to either of these sites. Click HERE for great step-by-step instructions. I am happy to help. You can upload privately or publicly, depending on your comfort level.

To learn more about chromosome mapping or GedMatch, check out this blog.

DNA Painter Profile for Shannon Green - Known.png

Green Family - Click HERE for a pedigree chart for the Green Family

X-Chromosome - Click HERE for an X-chromosome map of possible ancestors

Swearingen - Click HERE for Swearingen pedigree charts back to John Swearingen and his son Thomas.

Owens Family - Click HERE for a pedigree chart for the Owens Family.

Wilcoxon Family - Click HERE for a pedigree chart for the Wilcoxon family.

Moon Family - Click HERE for a pedigree chart for the Moon family.